Join us in extending a warm welcome to our newest team member Hawa Muli.

We are thrilled to announce that Hawa has joined us as the assistant marketing and administration officer. Her expertise and passion for customer service will play a vital role in enhancing our dedication to exceptional customer delivery.

At Chibiso Motors, we are committed to continuously improving our service delivery and customer satisfaction. That is why we have carefully selected a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals, just like Hawa who brings unique skills and perspectives to the table.

With Hawa on board, we are confident that our customers will experience an even greater level of support and personalised attention. Her dedication and innovative ideas will undoubtedly contribute to our ongoing success.

Please join us in welcoming Hawa to our team! Let's support her as she settles into her new role and together we will contribute to surpass customer expectations and deliver outstanding service.

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